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3 Things You May Not Know About the Online Library (but Should!)

APUS Library Stacks in Charles Town, WV

Most schools have online libraries these days, but what exactly is an online library and how can it help you succeed as a student? I sat down with Priscilla Coulter at American Public University System and asked her to share three things most students probably don’t know about the library at APUS.

This isn’t your average library. The librarians at APUS make it their mission to provide students and faculty with the highest quality of information specialists on the Web while at a distance. Learning how to balance pedagogy, media, information resources, and technology is no easy task. So, how can a student best leverage these valuable resources from the experts?

  1. Collectively, our team of librarians has more than 30 graduate degrees.
    The APUS Online Library has a team of 19 professional librarians. And one of them is standing by to answer your questions approximately 18 hours a day, every single day (including weekends and holidays). So, if you send a message to librarian@apus.edu, you can count on a quick reply. We have years of experience guiding students through the research process. The librarian team has more than 30 graduate degrees combined spanning a dozen different disciplines, including history, business administration, education, biology, and more.
  2. We have resources for night owls.
    If you hit a research snag during those six hours a day that a librarian isn’t online, check our Ask a Librarian site. You can find answers on information literacy, citing your sources, government documents, university archives, and much more. You can browse hundreds of library FAQs and more. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can submit your own question by using the “Ask Us” button.
  3. We’re striving to have course and program guides for every program.
    The library subscribes to thousands of online books and journals, so it’s no wonder that students often deliberate where to begin searching. Librarians have created (or are developing) library guides which are designed to link students to every course offered at the University. These guides provide relevant tools for any research project. You’ll find library subscriptions (e.g., article databases and books) and high-quality websites–even video and social networking sites–tailored to your class topics. You can search for materials based on your class or academic program here.

As always, we invite you to email us for additional assistance. No matter what degree you’re working on, we can assist you in researching any degree subject. We love a good research challenge and don’t believe in “dumb” questions–so don’t be shy–ask us!

By Priscilla Coulter
Senior Online Librarian, American Public University System