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Are You Ready for College?


College is the next logical step after high school. It’s part tradition, and part necessity for most professions. Continuing your education will depend on your readiness for a new environment, as well as new responsibilities. So, how do you know if you’re ready for the next step?

When assessing whether you’re ready for higher education you should ask yourself a couple questions:

  1. Does my career path require a degree?
  2. Do I have time to dedicate to classwork, research, and reading?
  3. Are there financial resources there for me to pursue higher education?
  4. Has college always been a consideration?
  5. Do I know what I want to major in?
  6. Do I plan on using my education as a stepping stone for a career?

If you have confidence in your response as to why you should pursue a degree then you may be ready. You can always consult with an admissions counselor at your school of choice. They’ll be able to assist with other questions you may have.

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Now that you’re ready for school you’ll need a few tips to bring to school with you.

  1. Develop good time management skills up front.
  2. Take a writing class in your first semester; especially if you’re attending online school.
  3. Ask your academic advisor questions before classes start.
  4. Always keep your syllabus handy.
  5. Find a support team. Whether it’s a significant other, friends, or family. Make sure you have external support, outside of your classmates and instructors.
  6. If you’re attending an online school, get training on the online classroom.
  7. Research your peers. Learn about the community. Find the school on Facebook and check out the conversations.

Utilize your academic advisor as much as possible in school. They’re there to help along the way. Once you’ve started classes and gotten into your groove sport your education, and school spirit (if your school has a mascot). Find new ways to get involved and immersed in the college experience, whether it’s online or traditional.

By J. Mason