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Prepare for the Online Experience With Online Tools


Give yourself an advantage with an arsenal of online tools for class. The extra assistance, and web tools will make the transition easier.

Here are some great tools and sites to add to your kit:

  1. Time Tracker
    to-do-list with a clock. This tool lets you know when you’re spending all of your time on one item, and alerts you to re-allocate time wasted to other efforts.
  2. Co-mapping
    Online mind mapping software to manage and share information. You can use it to take notes, plan and organize. It’s a way to have one set of notes, and one set of files.
  3. Notely
    For students looking to improve their grades with better organization, this is a great tool to utilize. Perfect for arranging your schedule, calendar, note-taking (if you need it), and homework planning.
  4. Dropbox
    This is a virtual file storage unit. Just like google docs, it’s free to use, but this tool is great because you can access it from anywhere; your mobile phone, smartphone, laptop, desk top, any computer away from your home. It makes your documents mobile because they’re stored in a private area on the internet.
  5. Zotero
    An add-on that helps a student keep track of all their sources while writing a research paper. It will help prepare a bibliographyfor Open Office or MS Word. It’s a Firefox extension.

Stay grounded in school, and carry an abundance of information and resources with you. If you know your options, you’ll be better equipped to handle the difficult assignments, time management issues, and term papers that come your way.

By J. Mason