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Employers Warm up to Online MBAs


We came across this interesting article from Bloomberg Businessweek discussing online MBAs and how they’re viewed in the marketplace. According to a recent study published in the summer edition of the Online Journal of Distance Learning Administration, the perception of online MBAs is improving among hiring managers. Authors of the study, Jeffery Bailey of Walden University and Larry Flegle of the American Public University System, interviewed recruiters from some of the leading companies in Wisconsin, including those in the healthcare, financial and insurance industries. Half of the them indicated that the “format the degree was earned in, whether online or in a traditional MBA classroom, would not be a significant factor in their decision to hire or promote a job candidate.” One recruiter noted that “Things are changing because more people that have gone through online programs are out working in the business world and doing well, which gives the degree more credibility.”

What do you think? Should it matter whether someone earned their MBA from an online university vs. the traditional brick-and-mortar university?

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Onlinelearningtips.com Staff