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Treat Your Discussion Post Like a News Headline


The next time you’re stuck looking for a good angle, consider what the title would be if it was front page news.

If you have to write a discussion post every week for class, the assignment can get old fast. You don’t want to lose your luster for the mandatory post, so instead reinvigorate yourself by thinking like a reporter.

Here’s an easy way to do it, keep the content captivating by cutting out any fluff. Use facts and statistics, and well-founded stories to back up your argument or the point you’re trying to make. Read a few of the major headliness in the papers that day to get yourself in the right frame of mind, and then gather your resources and write. The title itself should be simple and to the point, so don’t stress over coming up with something groundbreaking there.

Just remember, good discussion posts will show your instructor, and classmates that you’re learning something. Try to inform them while you shape your argument. Stay consistent with your “reporting hat” and stay on top of current events in your field through alerts.

By J. Mason