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Create Your Own Academic Study Guide


If you’re not a great note taker there’s another way to stay on top of the key topic points for your class. Create an academic study guide for easy reference during test time and discussion posts.

Start with your syllabus, you have that handy right? Transfer the outline into a Word document and save it to your desktop. Highlight chapters that your instructor has emphasized, as well as the areas you need some help with. Alternate the colors of the highlight and add sideline notes as a reminder. Dig up your notes and add bullets under each part of the outlined syllabus; pretend like you’re answering questions. Continue adding to that paper as you go through your 8 or 16 week long classes. It will be very comprehensive when it comes to class time.

The great thing about this technique is you can compare what you’ve learned to the syllabus. It’ll give you the chance to bring up any final questions that the instructor didn’t cover, that way you’re not in the dark when it comes to finals.

By J. Mason