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The Oncoming Popularity of the Online Study Hall

Study hall at Magdalene College

Advantages for online education are being talked about everyday. With MOOC’s being more available than ever, even the traditional student can take a spin with an online course. Now, new studies are exploring the thought of bringing study hall online as well. What are the advantages here for a more traditional student?

A recent study by Chegg, an online academic hub for students, is saying that students are taking their education into their own hands. In the upcoming school year 47% will be using an online study group for help, or using an online assistant to help in compiling their research. Kate Freeman of Mashable details more of the continued need for online study hall usage, and its growing popularity for the 2012 – 2013 school year.

This new trend is not a new concept for many, especially for those in online education. It goes to show that the availability of the online format is not only more accessible, but may reveal more options to students.

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By J. Mason