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4 Skills to Develop From Your Undergraduate Program


For many, the undergraduate program is a great learning experience, but not only through the degree earned, but the lessons taught. Life lessons are a great basis for what you should expect in school. In turn, interactions with your peers, professors, and assignments can prepare you for a lot more than you thought.

Everyone should go into their program with certain expectations. The skills and methods you pick up on in classes should be transferable to your professional life. I believe there are four skills you should develop from your undergraduate program, before you graduate.

  1. Critical thinking skills
  2. How to write, and write well
  3. How to develop and defend an argument, or stance
  4. Time management

These are foundational skills that are applicable to pretty much any career. Your analytic skills will be put to the test daily, regardless of what desk you sit at. If you’re able to break apart the context and drill to the meat of the discussion then you’ll be headed in the right direction. The others are a valued set of soft skills that many employers will look for you to speak on during the interview.

So, look on your time in undergraduate studies as a professional learning experience. Each time you get a moment of “eureka!” write it down. These are things you can add to a resume later on.

By J. Mason