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Gadgets That Will Reduce Stress, Instead of Create It


It’s Friday, time to unwind! Oh wait, that only applies if you’ve gotten all your classwork done for the week. Even if you’ve put off your paper or discussion post you don’t need to be stressed. Stay on track by keeping yourself calm and collected. I have a fun list of gadgets and stress toys below that can be a great alternative to a snack, or a stroll outside to clear your head.

  • Desktop Punching Bag – Possibly the greatest stress reliever ever. You can actually punch something if writing isn’t going your way.
  • emWave2 – For the literal faint of heart this tool is good for monitoring blood pressure. Use it offline to keep your heart rate and stress in check.
  • Inflatable iMusic Chair – Music can be a great buffer, and possibly the thing you need to stay calm during a tense time. Simply plug in your phone or mp3 player, and take a 30 minute breather on this comfy chair.

If you have your own gadgets you use for stress relief please share them below! Just remember to give yourself a breather when you feel you’ve hit your limit. It’s almost the weekend, make it one with a little less heartburn and more education!

By J. Mason