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Have You Made a Commitment to Your Education?


There are many traditions in life. For some, it’s the day they graduate from high school. For others it’s the day they get married. These events are just another number in timeline of your life. If you’re just now entering higher education after a long sabbatical from high school, or you’re continuing on your learning journey to better yourself, know that it is a great step and one that deserves applause. If you haven’t already made a commitment to your education, do so now.

When you get married you make a vow to be faithful, honor and cherish, and to take care of the one you love. The same goes for when you have a child, you promise to protect them and raise them well. The same agreement should be made for your education. If you’re using financial aid you sign an agreement to pay back the money borrowed. With that type of financial commitment, why wouldn’t you give all you have to your education pursuits? Get inspired to give your degree program your all. Education is what you put into it, and you’re looking to benefit yourself, not just the world around you.

Simply make a promise to yourself that you will study as hard as you can, take breaks when you need them, be persistent in the pursuit of innovation and forward thinking, and you won’t give up just because the program is difficult. If you do need help you can always reach out to your student advisor for guidance and resources. When you’re looking for inspiration, you’ll learn that you can find it in some interesting places. My inspiration for this commitment vow was through a speech from a state senator and high school principal, Mike Johnston of Colorado. He brought the graduation number from 50% to 100%, where all planned on continuing onto a 4-year college. Be your own inspiration and motivator, but always make sure you have a couple of “ladder holders” by your side.

Commentary by J. Mason
Online Learning Tips Editor