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Preparing for Class in the Event of a Storm


Natural disasters and storms are a way of life. For those of us up north it’s a bit odd when a storm the size of Sandy reaches our neighborhood. Besides a possible tree through the roof one of the biggest downsides from a storm like this is loss of power. What can you do to be prepared in the event that you lose power in your house?

First of all, watch the news! So many people brush it off as an exaggeration of the media. If you think you’re invincible, you’re really not, so be prepared by knowing the storm’s trajectory and the worst case scenario. I’ve made a list for online learners to keep on top of their classwork, with the threat of storm damage looming:

  • Keep all of your electronics, especially your laptop, fully charged.
  • Have your assignment list ready; print it out if possible.
  • Have a healthy stock of candles and flashlights at the ready.
  • Have a back-up of paper and pens to write on in case you need to power down to conserve energy.
  • Designate a safe spot to study, write, and nap away from the storm.

Most professors are understanding when it comes to late assignments on account of loss of power, but don’t take advantage. Write down as much as you can for your assignment while the power is out, then upload once you’re able to get to a hotspot with power and Wifi. Another thing to keep in mind is your health and eating. Don’t resort to junk food just because the refrigerator isn’t working. Consuming twinkies and chips can leave you feeling bloated, unmotivated, and possibly ill. Take care of yourself, and stay indoors if you can!

By J. Mason