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Filter Non-Education Posts From Your News Feed


Getting distracted is easy, what’s hard is staying on task when you keep hitting refresh on your Facebook feed. While it’s not as easy as logging out from your computer, especially if your phone is still getting alerts, it is possible to stay on task if you filter properly.

During the recent election you were no doubt bombarded by political rants and slogans. Now that that’s over holiday chatter will commence. What you need here, besides blocking your friends from your news stream, is an add-on where you can specify which fluff will make it to your feed. One of the best options out there is Social Fixer. With just a few keywords and setting changes you’ll have a cleaned up wall to look at. Start with common terms you see your friends using. For example try cats, lol, funny, tech upgrades, etc. This is something you should really consider if you’re facing down a 20-page writing assignment for class. The refined feed should have things relevant to your class topics, and industry. By immersing yourself in the subject matter you have a better chance of staying on task and getting the work done well, and on time.

Once all is said and done, and you’re on a break from class, remove the barrier and let the flood of useless content begin.

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By J. Mason
Online Career Tips Editor