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How to Speed Up Your Reading Style


When you were little chances were you were taught to read one line at a time. If you got distracted easily a teacher would have you use a sheet of paper to block off the text below the line you were reading at that moment. Gradually overtime we’re all able to make it through a book, or article, without having to put your hand over the text because you’re distracted. What you don’t know is that this old technique can be used for speed reading, as long as you accompany it with your finger or a pen.

Try this trick. Trail your finger along the line you are reading, but speed up the movement as you move from left to right. Your eyes will naturally try to keep pace with your finger. This technique does not effect comprehension. Instead, this actually keeps you awake; which is necessary when the passage your drilling through is less than exciting, but you need to read it for class. You can also use a pen, and stop to take notes in the margin. This type of active reading will help to keep your brain sharp, keep you interested in the material, and improve your reading time. If the material really is dull to you ask questions in the margins instead of notes. Then go back to these questions in your binder, or note taking app. It could have a potential use in an upcoming discussion post.

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By J. Mason
Online Learning Tips Editor