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Making it Over the Hump


Wednesday is the sigh of relief for most people in the workforce. Once the day is over you’re about in the clear for the weekend where you can rest and forget about your responsibilities from that week. This may be true for some, but for most, especially online learners, it’s unrealistic. Most students need to have assignments submitted by Sunday, others have to have classwork posted by Wednesday.

Regardless of the day, there is no slowing down once you hit the hump of the week. The best way to avoid the sluggish pull of a lazy weekend is to tackle your assignments early so you can go out and play. Just like back in grade school, no TV or playing until your homework is done. The same should hold true now, even though you have may have a demanding job and a family at home. Wednesday shouldn’t be the day of the week where you slow down, instead use it to speed up and get your work in early.

By Online Learning Tips Staff

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