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The Loan Gauntlet


Returning to school is an important, life changing decision but the majority of individuals cannot pay for education outright. When you decide to take out a loan for whatever reason, it should not be done lightly because they will stick with you until they’re repaid. There are ways to make having them less painful but don’t ignore them!

You must repay the full amount of your loans, even if you:

  • Do not complete your program of study, or do not complete the program within the normal time for completing it;
  • Cannot find employment after graduation; or
  • Are not satisfied with or did not receive from your school the education or other services that you paid for with your loan.

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Your student loan debt is a legal obligation, and can be a 10 to 30 year financial commitment. There are many ways to get help such as changing your payment due date, repayment options, deferment (you must continue to make payments while your deferment is processed) or forbearance. APUS Financial Services has engaged ECMC Solutions to assist our students with all of their repayment questions.  ECMC Solutions is available to facilitate the deferment, forbearance and repayment options available to APUS borrowers. ECMC may contact you if you allow your loans to become delinquent.  ECMC is not a collection agency but a way to assist you in repaying your loans.  We encourage you to call ECMC Solutions at 1-877-331-3262, or visit their website at www.StudentLoanChoices.com

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By Alisa Berry
Online Learning Tips Staff