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Studying at Night? There’s Software for That

Society6 “Hoot! Night Owl!” skin for the iPad

Unpredictability is normal for the online student. Since you can log into the classroom 24/7 you are not restrained to meeting at a certain time, and research materials are available around the clock with the great availability of the online library. It is not uncommon to become a night owl as an online learner. With family commitments and work to tend to during the daylight hours, school comes later when the sun has gone down.

One way to keep your eyes open while you’re elbow deep in research for class is through a software that helps your computer to mimic lighting patterns throughout the day. F.lux is “better lighting for your computer,” and a pretty genius way of keeping you focused for class.

At night you can expect a warmer light from your computer, which will help in reducing the strain on your eyes, and will ultimately allow you to fall asleep when you’re done. You don’t have to look like the you’re part of the cast for the Walking Dead just because you’re in school. This software mimics the light in the room you are in. During the day the screen is crisp and well-lit, and at dusk it gradually gets softer.

Even as a night owl you can be productive, it may take a bit of software and some settings to make your new studying habitat more comfortable.

By J. Mason
Online Learning Tips Editor