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Time Management and Social Responsibilities: Should You RSVP?


It is the time to break out the wrapping paper, holiday indulgent treats, and the party outfit for your social gatherings. There is nothing wrong with letting off a little steam at your work holiday party, or taking an extra hour to watch a seasonal cinematic treat. You just need to be conscious of the classes you’re still involved in. Online education doesn’t take a break for the holidays, so plan to be present.

Of course one of the overstated benefits of online education is the mobility. A student can log into the classroom from a coffeehouse, or their home office. So, if anyone knows about self-control, it is the dedicated distance learner. You’re a self-starter, and it is up to you to remember to log into the classroom to keep pace with your classwork. Now back to those holiday parties. Since you have this ability to log in at any time, make these special events work around your schedule.

Along with your many RSVP’d events, make sure to include time to study and turn in your work. If you have procrastinated all week and are coming into the weekend with a full dance card, it could be time to push things around. Do you really need to go out drinking with your buddies Saturday night? Reschedule for another time and get your classwork done. It is OK to reward yourself after a job well done.

Even TV use can be considered an indulgence during the holiday season. Try to limit your time with the boob tube to a few hours a week. Set a record for when A Wonderful Life will be on, and sit down to watch it after all assignments have been sent to your classes.

Before you get RSVP-happy make sure to prioritize your class schedule to the top of the list. One bad grade could be influential in your overall grade for the class.

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