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How to Be a Clear Thinker When Confronted with Negativity


Confidence is an important soft skill that all students should strive to obtain. Constructive criticism is an expected response on assignments and quizzes. This type of feedback is designed to make you a better learner, and in the process you’ll develop a thick skin to carry on into a career. When you get negative feedback from another student in your class the key to control is staying focused. View these individual events as opportunities to make that person into an ally and a resource.

When your professor requires you to respond to other postings from your classmates they’re trying to foster a peer community. While your response may be constructive and encouraging, another student may prefer to take out their bad day on your post. Keep a cool head by reading through their points, and search for that one nugget of positive influence. Go an extra step and view their posting for the week and leave a few points of interest. It shows that you’re paying attention. If that individual continues to pursue their negativity the instructor will more than likely intervene, or you can attempt to take it offline and chat with the other student personally.

On the off chance your professor is the one leaving negative comments, make sure it isn’t your sensitivity to the paper creating those feelings. No matter how short the word count, once you write it it’s your “baby” to take care of and protect. When the response is neglecting positive direction then address that with the professor.

By J. Mason
Online Learning Tips Editor