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Know the Relationship between Education and Earnings


The economy is improving. It’s failing. It’s breaking even. There are any number of opinions about personal economic growth, but one infallible truth is that statistically the more educated you are the better qualified you are to work in professions yielding higher pay. And while no university can, nor should, promise that a degree guarantees wealth, it’s important to research the educational demographics that shape earning potential.

Tami Luhby of CNNMoney posts a revealing article, “What Americans Earn.” It provides a succinct “snapshot” to simply illustrate the relationship between education and earnings, as well as weekly earnings based on a few industries. And while education can equalize, based on the statistics, education isn’t necessarily the great equalizer when it comes to gender and racial pay gaps. Additionally, as you view the graphics, the more telling story is that education shouldn’t be viewed as a one-and-done. In fact, the upswing in weekly earnings based on education indicates that continual education pays dividends over a lifetime.

[Read “What Americans Earn” by CNNMoney’s Tami Luhby.]

By J. Thompson
Online Learning Tips Staff