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Take Advantage of ‘Send to Kindle’ for Easier Reading


When you are browsing online, you will likely come across an article or two that you want to read. However, reading on computers tends to be tiring, roughly 25% more difficult than reading paper.  What’s worse is that most people on computers do not read; they scan. Instead of printing the article, send it to a reading device through Amazon’s Send to Kindle.

This feature allows you to send articles from your browser or send files from your computer. It is quick and simple to use, and it does all the hard work of reformatting a poorly formatted article.

For example, it can transform this page with its cramped text:







Into this page:







With bigger, clearer font, the article now becomes easier to read on any of your devices. Even better, you can now insert highlights and notes, which remain persisted online through your Amazon service meaning you will never lose them. This is much better than printing up pages or forcing yourself to read on a computer screen.

The only disappointment is the sending part of the service is not available on mobile browsers. However, the rate at which Amazon moves, they will likely correct this gap soon.

By Scott Manning
Online Learning Tips, Student Contributor