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Environmental Impact Awareness Through Reading


Interview with Laura Stopper
Author of Love Your Pony Love Your Planet

Making a difference in the world requires some dedication. With an extra emphasis on caring for our environment it’s more important than ever to pitch in wherever we can. For some that may be recycling, others it could be carpooling into work, and for a select few it could be educating a specific audience on environmental impact through literacy. Laura Stopper, a recent graduate student from the environmental policy and management master’s program at APU, recently wrote a children’s book to educate children on how to care for ponies and the Earth. The book, Love Your Pony Love Your Planet, is a great foundational tool for children to spark environmental impact awareness, and to raise some important points about our planet and how we can make a difference. In the podcast below she talks about her work on the book, and the goals she’s trying to reach within the next ten years.

Interested in contributing to Laura’s Kickstarter campaign for her book? Check out her Kickstarter page for Love Your Pony Love Your Planet.