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Student Loan Repayment… What’s Your Number?


Are you nearing graduation or have you already completed your degree? Usually this means that you’re going to start having to pay on your loans soon after. Not sure how much to budget a month? This will help!

To calculate your financial aid loan repayment amount, a great tool to use is the repayment plan estimator. This tool is available to provide estimated payment amounts for each repayment plan based on your loan balance and anticipated income. This tool can be used by every student regardless of your loan servicer.

The tool is also available at the YouCanDealWithIt.com financial literacy website as a resource. American Public University  encourages students to create online accounts with your servicer and update your contact information.

If you’re looking for more information on financial aid contact your financial aid team at your university. For students of American Public University, our Financial Aid Team can also help answer any questions you may have! Email them at finaid@apus.edu.

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By Alisa Berry
Online Learning Tips Staff