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The Ease of Taking a Break from Online Learning


spring break-online-learningBrick and mortar schools offering three semesters a year are difficult to take a break from while earning a degree. Most students on a stringent program will quickly fall behind, as taking even a single semester off has drastic effects. For example, if you take off from the spring semester, there are courses you cannot take until the next spring semester. Worse, what if you do not want to take off for a whole semester and instead only need a month?

Online college can be very different.

For example, AMU offers accelerated 8-week courses as well as 16-week courses. In addition, many courses are offered year round or at least several times throughout the year. This offers a much more flexible approach for taking breaks during college.

Let us say you wanted to take off a month for some traveling or just get some things in order for a big event such as a move or job hunt. Instead of missing a whole semester, you can easily take off a single month and then jump right back into courses afterward.

During this student’s undergrad career, he took off two separate months, one to travel to Mexico and another to travel to Scotland. The beauty was there was no pressure in terms of staying on top of courses or fretting about falling behind. The following months, it was easy to pick up another course and still graduate in a reasonable timeframe.

By Scott Manning
Online Learning Tips, Student Contributor