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Which Degree is Right for Me?


weighing-degree-optionsBy Dr. Chad Patrizi
VP & Dean, School of Business & Interim Dean, School of Management at American Public University

How do you know if you are better suited to study business or management? The two degree paths may appear to have similar elements, but the core curriculum for each presents distinct differences. Understanding the goals that will be achieved in both programs can help students who are on the fence about which field of study is in their best interest.

Students seeking a degree in management will focus on organizational structure, organizational behavior, organizational leadership, change management, communication, human resources, and implementation of strategies to meet the organization’s common goals. Students seeking a degree in business administration focus on business skills including accounting, finance, law, marketing, information technology, and operations, providing students with a more in depth knowledge of specific areas for decision making analysis.

Curriculum Components for a Degree in Management

A degree in management is designed to prepare students for careers as business leaders. Basic business skills such as staffing and recruiting, directing, strategic planning, and organizing are taught to provide students the skills to be effective business leaders in a global environment. The American Public University management degree is designed to focus on the interpersonal, managerial, human resource, leadership, communication, and critical thinking skills necessary to assess and evaluate management practices in any type of business, organization, or work environment.

Curriculum Components for a Degree in Business or Business Administration

A degree in business administration is designed to prepare students with the operational skills used to conduct business within an organization. At American Public University, the business administration degree program is designed for students who are seeking practical knowledge and associated critical thinking skills that are required in a competitive business environment. The core curriculum focuses on accounting, finance, economics, business strategy, law, and information systems. Students can focus their studies in areas of professional or personal interest, such as entrepreneurship, business analysis, global business management, information technology, or homeland security resource allocation.

Business and management degrees tend to be similar in design at many schools. Business Administration often includes decision-making analysis for operational and management functions, while management degrees focus on the human relations, personnel, and leadership topics necessary to hire quality individuals and motivate them to obtain organizational goals.

About the Author:

Dr. Chad Patrizi is the Dean of Business Administration for the American Public University System. Dr. Patrizi holds a Master of Public Administration and Policy from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering from The College of New Jersey (formerly Trenton State College).  He has completed the Ph.D. program in Educational Leadership with a concentration in E-learning at Touro (Trident) University International.

Dr. Patrizi’s success is based on his knowledge of business and management, his ability to complete large projects, his ability to communicate with diverse individuals, his leadership and his flexibility. He has also worked in the private sector managing and developing human resource training programs.