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Elevate Your Professional Standards with Higher Education


professional-aspirations-educationBeing a student in higher education now can mean a number of things. Many common reasons for either returning to school, or continuing on to a bachelor’s or master’s degree could be:

  • Improving your standing in the competitive job market
  • Obtaining necessary skills to move forward in your career
  • It is the next logical step in progression after high school
  • Professional development option from a company
  • Desire to learn more about a specific field

Whatever your reasons are for going back to school, understand that more than just your family and friends are taking notice.

According to Kathy Kristoff of MoneyWatch, employers are taking more notice of the applicants with degrees. “Thirty-two percent of hiring managers said they’re now hiring college graduates for jobs that previously went to high school graduates.” While the current unemployment rate is a factor in this new decision, it also looks like the trend may not be dying down anytime soon. “While some of this may be attributed to a competitive job market that lends itself to college grads taking lower skill jobs,” said Brent Rasmussen, president of CareerBuilder North America, “it also speaks to companies raising performance expectations for roles within their firms to enhance overall productivity, product quality and sales.”

So, what does this mean for current students working on their career and education? It could mean more promise in regards to marketing yourself upon the completion of your degree. For years there have been statistics that individuals with college degrees fair better then those without. A degree to a hiring manager shows the time and discipline you’ve dedicated to a specific field, and in the process it confirms that you should possess a certain amount of soft skills. Consider the seriousness in which Yahoo took the news of their former CEO, Scott Thompson, falsifying a claim to a degree in computer science. Having spent the time in school to become educated for a specialized area of study is notable and of high value to any employer.

Don’t sell yourself short while you’re in school studying hard to better your professional and personal situations. Think of your current educational goals as an investment in your professional career. It’s another way to elevate your status in both academia, as well as among industry peers.

By J. Mason
Online Learning Tips Editor