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Plan Out Your Weekend When a Paper is Due


weekend-homework-scheduleIn online education learning doesn’t stop just because it’s the weekend. The phrase “TGIF” takes on a new connotation…one where you may be happy that the work week is over, but it could be your signal that it’s time for classwork. This weekend I have a paper due for class, and while I may prefer to enjoy the warm weather and some rest I know it’s time to get down to business. To be successful with my paper and my weekend I create an outline so that I don’t get stressed out.

For the non-planners creating a plan for the weekend is painless, and it can reduce stress pretty quickly. To get started write the main goal at the start of your document. If you’re going green type it up in word or on your Google calendar, but if you like to write things out make sure to outline the top goal in bold. After that create a “sandwich” of errands, chores, fun time, and study time. Here’s what a sample schedule can look like.

Write and finish paper for class!

  1. Go for a jog.
  2. Clean the bathrooms.
  3. Work on paper.
  4. Catch up on the current season of Dexter.
  5. Read for class for next week.
  6. Go into the city for a late lunch with friends.
  7. Submit paper for class!

This list may be a bit simpler looking than yours, but you get the idea. Alternate strenuous tasks with enjoyable ones. By using some type of schedule you can make sure to allocate quality time toward your paper for school, as well as your personal life. Weekends can be enjoyable as an online student, but you need to be able to budget your time productively.

By J. Mason
Online Learning Tips Editor