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4 Thought Provoking Blogs on Modern Warfare


military_blogsThere are countless blogs out there dealing with modern wars. Many of them just spew facts with the occasional opinion. Here are four blogs that have consistently been thought provoking. Whether or not you agree with their analysis or conclusions, they will make you think.

The Best Defense — Thomas E. Ricks is an opinionated man about the American military and its conduct in wars, and he wants you to know about it. He is the man that write critical books on the Iraq War such as Fiasco and The Gamble. More recently, he wrote The Generals, another critical work on the leadership of the American military since World War II. The best part about Ricks’ blog is he posts multiple times a day, often analyzing the latest news for the American military and its wars. He is not afraid to debate, as he often publishes conflicting views from guest bloggers.

Ink Spots — Although not updated as often, Ink Spots always provides thought provoking posts from veterans and strategists on a wide range of topics. The focus on strategy and the language used to discuss war is what makes this blog unique. Browsing older posts will not disappoint.

Abu Muqawama — When Andrew Exum blogs, people read. This former military officer turned academic participated in McCrystal’s review of American strategy in Afghanistan. Exum is deeply rooted in history and military theory, as he analyzes the latest events in the Middle East. His analysis of modern-day proponents of landpower and seapower is alone worth the click. He is very active on twitter as well.

Kings of War — Kings of War features students and professors from King’s College in London. The contributors have made a conscious effort to push lengthier content, making each post more like an article. The comments are typically as interesting as the posts. For Americans, this site offers a British perspective on warfare.

By Scott Manning
Online Learning Tips, Student Contributor