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A Student Interview on Worldwide Environmental Impact


Interview with Morris Koffa
Student at American Public University

Having the ability and innate willingness to help others is a unique gift. Some come by the opportunity by chance, while others take a step further and reach out to help wherever possible. Morris Koffa, is a special individual who did just that. He helped establish a non-profit organization, Africa Environmental Watch, whose purpose is to educate African citizens on environmental issues such as solid waste, toxic waste, community school awareness, hygiene and more. His group also works with the local governments in Africa to provide better education for its citizens through curriculum’s, some that he helped to create, as well as helping to look for ways to improve conditions on drinking water. He accomplishes all of these monumental tasks while in the middle of his second master’s degree with American Public University, and while in the process of also completing his Ph.D. Listen on to learn more about environmental impact concerns in Africa, and the Africa Environmental Watch.

Worldwide Environmental Impact by APUS