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Why You Should Follow r/AskHistorians on Reddit


reddit_historyFor history students there are a number of great resources out there at your disposal. r/AskHistorians on Reddit* is one of those resources that should be required reading for all historians. Here’s why.

r/AskHistorians is a subreddit** that prides itself on featuring real historians that are specialized in particular fields. Anyone can submit a question about any period or topic on history. Then real historians will provide detailed answers. The moderators are aggressive on verifying specialists and ensuring the amateurs are secondary.

As would be expected, historians do not always agree while the amateurs offer their own responses. The results are detailed threads of debate and conversation on history. This is a goldmine for historians that are seeking different points of views. The subreddit is very active with nearly 1,000 people reading it at the time of this writing.

Some of the more interesting topics include:

Anyone is allowed to lurk. If you decide to pose a question or ask a new one, be sure to check out the subreddit’s rules, as well as their popular questions.

*Reddit has become the hottest site for social-driven news, entertainment, and wasting time. It is a site where anyone can submit a link to anything and the registered users of the site vote on whether the link is good or bad. The hottest stuff float to the top and bad stuff sinks to the bottom. Once you get past that, you will realize that Reddit is a great place to collaborate and learn about your fields of interest.

** A subreddit is a sub-site focused on a particular topic. These subreddits have their own moderates and rules.

By Scott Manning
Online Learning Tips, Student Contributor