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Starting Fresh in Online Education


By Natalie Anderson
Online Learning Tips, Guest Student Contributor

My son and husband are both disabled and I home school my little girl. I don’t have the kind of life that allows me to stop everything and go to class several times a week. I love the convenience and flexibility of online classes. I love that I can choose how, when, and where I get my work done. As for why I chose APU, well, I chose it because I’ve been to 2 other schools and nothing felt right. I was trying to force myself to fit their programs and it just wasn’t working. I knew what I wanted to do, and APU had the program that will allow me to do it. With the regional accreditation, low prices, and excellent customer service that APU offers, I really can’t think of anywhere else I’d rather be.

In the past, when I attended other schools, I changed majors a million times because I couldn’t find anything that really felt right. This is the first time I feel like a program was tailor made specifically for me. Every single class sounds really interesting. At the age of 35 I really feel like I’m “home” now. I feel happy, supported, and ready to “git’r’done”.

My interests lie in government, human rights, international relations, relief and recovery, and emergency and disaster management. Realistically, I don’t have the age, health, and type of life that would allow me to be sent to other countries for months, or years, at a time. I’m a bit on the old side to start those kinds of careers. But with emergency and disaster management, I can be based here in the U.S., I can help people on a massive scale, I can work with the government (or in some cases, even get hired by the Dept. of State) while still being here in the USA, I can work with prevention/relief/recovery when natural and man-made disasters happen, and I can be interested and challenged while still making a difference. Perfect fit, I’d say. I hate boring, predictable 9-5 desk jobs. I want variety, I want to MATTER, and I want to be paid well for it. I believe that all those things happen with this degree and this job. And this school is going to make it happen for me. I’d say transferring here is the best decision I’ve ever made.