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Tapping Into Your Creativity for Writing

Tapping Into Your Creativity for Writing


creativity spectrumWhen writing on a topic, it is important to be able to write fluently. You want free flowing ideas to come out without any blockage. In order to prepare you must get rid of any environmental factors or outstanding circumstances. For more detail on having the right setting please see “Putting Forth Your Best Effort.”

Creative thoughts can often get lost if not captured at the right time. Finding the right words is needed when following discussion and post submission guidelines. But what do you do when you cannot find the right thoughts? How do you get your creative juices flowing when the words seem to get in the way? There are three things you can do to get out more ideas:

1. Set the mood. In addition to eliminating noise and getting rid of distractions, clear the area and provide all the materials you need. Writing materials, light music (if that is the type of thing that helps you) and/or proper lighting for seeing while you write. A popular website for setting the mood is Moodstream. This website allows you to create your mood through music and images in order to inspire you and in turn, excite the reader you are writing for.

2. Instead of spending spare time posting pictures with instagram or “tweeting”  on twitter, try some other websites that can train your brain. Visit websites such as Lumosity or Brainbashers. Lumosity is well known for their brain games as there are leveled exercises for the mind. Brainbashers has hundred of links to puzzles and games if you want more of a variety.

3. One of the most influential books in creative thinking is a book called Thinkertoys. Michael Michalko provides a detailed step by step process into the realm of creative thinking.

4. Drink plenty of water, get rest and eat a healthy diet before writing. Take nutritional supplements and maybe a mental stimulant such as gotu kola, green tea or decaf coffee. (Caffeinated drinks may have too much caffeine for simple mental stimulation.) A serving of one of these items is enough to get a quick pick me up. If you do not have any of these herbs or drinks, a peppermint can do.

Regardless of if you follow all or one of these techniques your creative writing process should be able to flow. Remember to structure your writing so that your thoughts are organized in an easy and familiar pattern. Make sure that the reader is able to connect with your writing as you allow them to draw on prior knowledge as you provide background information. Last but not least, remember to have fun as your words paint the canvas for the reader.

By Trinita Gay
Online Learning Tips, Guest Contributor