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The Gettysburg 150th Anniversary Will Be Televised

The Gettysburg 150th Anniversary Will Be Televised


gettysburg-sesquicentennialIf you are not one of the 200,000 people expected to visit Gettysburg next week during the 150th anniversary of the battle, then there are plenty of ways to experience it vicariously through others online.

We already mentioned how there are some places you follow the actions through blogs, tweets, and Facebook. In addition, I will be there, tweeting photos from my experience.

However, there are even more ways to experience the commemorations. C-SPAN3 will be there, providing live coverage of speeches, talks, and battlefield walks. The coverage begins this Sunday (June 30).

There are plenty of historians of note to watch including Brooks D. Simpson talking about generalship at Gettysburg (June 30, 10:30 AM). On July 1-3, there will be daily 12-hour coverage of the events, starting at 8:00 AM (EST) each day. The beauty of C-SPAN is they leave everything online. So, if you miss it live, then you can revisit the website and watch the recorded versions.

Throughout this time, there is the EarthCam at Gettysburg, which provides a 24/7 view of the battlefield. Normally, there is not much to look at, but during July 3, you can see thousands of visitors following the path of Pickett’s Charge where roughly 12,500 Confederates marched across an open field in a failed attempt to break the Union center.

It will be an interesting site to behold. At the sesquicentennial of Antietam, there were over 500 people to do the walk. However, the Gettysburg numbers should be much higher. If you cannot be there, then you might as well watch it live.

By Scott Manning
Online Learning Tips, Student Contributor