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What are the Next Steps After the MBA?


Interview with Dr. Kathleen Irwin
Program Directory, Business Administration at American Public University

Whether you’re in the beginning, middle or end of the MBA process it’s important to have a plan in mind after completing the degree. Knowing what career path you want to pursue may be a determinant in your desire to pursue an additional degree. If you’re apprehensive about moving toward the doctoral level, don’t be. Research your options before you get bogged down with the weighted decision to keep going in your education.

To clarify a few things concerning continuing education in the business realm we interviewed Dr. Kathleen Irwin. She is the Program Director of the Business Administration program at American Public University. Dr. Irwin shares her insight into terminal degrees, second master’s, and how to increase your marketability after graduating.

What Are the Next Steps After the MBA? by APUS

About Dr. Irwin:

Dr. Kathleen Irwin has a doctorate in Organization and Management from Capella University. In addition to research in Electronic Commerce, she has graduate clusters in Accounting, Finance, and Management. Dr. Irwin is the Program Director for Business in addition to teaching various courses.