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Letting Your Apps Work For You

Letting Your Apps Work For You


apps-schoolAs an online student, technology ends up in the forefront. It is almost impossible to go a week or even a few days without it. From checking email, to posting assignments, there’s no escape from the internet and all the requirements that go along with it. What do you use on a regular basis and how long could you go without it?

Internet plays a major role in online learning as we not only have to access the course information, but also utilize links in articles for references and post submissions. In addition to the actual web, how many apps do you use to facilitate your online learning? Whether it’s blackboard or a task list, we use apps to organize our time and schedule. Also, think about dictionary apps or video apps that help with the quality or content of your paper. Do you run it by turnitin when it is finally done or do you prefer an editing app on your handheld device?

The technology these days has allowed students to not only be able to write an entire document, but submit the entire piece online. I used an app the other day called Polaris that allowed me to change over a note I created on a notepad app to a .docx document. This allowed my writing to be opened as a Word document on a regular desktop. Technology is really reshaping how we view our assignments. For me, I realize now that one can survive without a computer as long as there is an android device around.

By Trinita Gay
Online Learning Tips, Guest Contributor