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Getting “Back into the Groove”

Getting “Back into the Groove”


back-to-schoolBy Dr. Jill Fuson
Faculty Director, School of Business at American Public University

It’s that time of year again…your children are returning to school, the house is settling down, work is not as hectic, and the little voice in your head keeps reminding you to enroll in your next college class and not put off this important task any longer. Millions of adult learners are returning to college, updating professional skills, and advancing their career paths. Some want to change careers while others want to update their professional credentials.

Along with all the responsibilities life has dealt you such as family, work, and even caring for elderly parents, the adult learner must remain motivated and determined to complete the challenge of earning a college degree.  Earning a master’s or doctoral degree can earn individuals more than $1 million over a lifetime. In today’s economy, it is essential for career-minded individuals to improve their educational portfolio with certifications or licensures or a higher educational degree as professions requiring a bachelor’s degree are projected to nearly double; this makes having a college degree a good investment. Many are finding a degree is required to enter their chosen profession while others are forced back into the workforce due to economic conditions or life changes such as divorce.  With the ever changing world of technology, many are pressured back to an educational setting to update and refine their knowledge and skills.

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Now is the time to Get Back into the Groove….dust off your notebook, sharpen your pencils, crank up the laptop and jump back into the routine of learning. Doing homework with your children might be the only family time you get in today’s fast paced world. Soon, you will be crossing the stage at commencement to receive the well-deserved diploma you will proudly hang on your wall and announce to current and future employers that you are ready for new challenges.