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Should a College Degree be on Your Bucket List?

Should a College Degree be on Your Bucket List?


education-bucket-listBy Dr. Jill Fuson
Faculty Director, School of Business at American Public University

According to recent studies, a college degree is:

    • A Good Investment — Statistics show 75% of future position are expected to require certification, licensure or a bachelor’s degree.
    • A Necessity – Many adults find a college degree is a necessity to enter their career choice or advancement in their professional field.
    • Essential – Many adults are experiencing advancing technologies, employment conditions and changing economics making it essential to update or develop their knowledge and skills to remain competitive.
    • More Money in your Pocket –  According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor, the median annual income full-time employee with a degree earns approximately 61% more than the employee with only a high school degree; full-time with degree $51,206 versus full-time with high school diploma $27,915. A master’s or doctoral degree receives an annual average of $74,602 or more. According to the College Board, over a lifetime, the earning potential gap between a high school graduate and a graduate with a bachelor’s degree or higher exceeds over $1 million.


Whether you are just starting your educational journey as a freshman in college or you are preparing to graduate this month with your college degree, your bucket list should have Earn My College Degree as one of your life’s major achievements. A bucket list is essentially a list of goals; something each of us should commit to paper. Making a bucket list of your goals increases the likelihood you will be able to place a check mark on your list and fulfill your goals.

(Information retrieved from: http://www.bls.gov/ Last Modified Date: March 23, 2012)

About the Author:

Dr. Jill Fuson, Faculty Director for the School of Business, has been with APUS for six years. She has a PhD from Capella University, Masters Degree from Webster University and Undergraduate Degree from University of Maryland, European Division. She currently teaches Graduate Human Resource courses. Her husband, Dale, who served 23 years in the Air Force is now retired and they make Tennessee their home. Jill is also a published author and has written a children’s book, Emma Puddleducks, named after their first granddaughter Emma.