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Use Chrome to Access Pages on All Your Devices

Use Chrome to Access Pages on All Your Devices


chrome-for-online-learnersIf you are like many students, then you have multiple devices–a work computer, home computer, iPad, and iPhone, or some similar combination. The pain has always been reading a webpage on one device, but then forgetting its web address when you transition to another device. While this qualifies as a first world problem, there is a solution–use Chrome to access all open pages on all your devices.

Of course, you need a Google account and you will need to log in to the browsers on these devices, but that is a small price to pay for such usefulness.

From your computer browser, open a new tab. Then click Other Devices at the bottom. This will open a panel that lists all your devices, as well as what web pages you have open on them.


On your mobile devices, the same option is available. Here is what it looks like on the iPhone.


The usefulness of this feature is high, as you will never worry about reopening a device to look up the link of the page you were reading. You can also form a practice of opening tabs in Chrome on one device in anticipation of accessing them later on a different device. In the process of lengthy research, it is common for a history student to have dozens of tabs open in a browser. Download Chrome, sign in, and make sure you do not run out of time on one device without the ability to transfer the work to another.

By Scott Manning
Online Learning Tips, Student Contributor