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Think Before You Drop

Think Before You Drop


think-before-dropping-classesSometimes students drop courses online because they’re not prepared for the high level of content, they didn’t like the content, or the instructor wasn’t a good fit. Drops typically occur after the first week to avoid a grade of incomplete. If you’re in this decision space right now consider reaching out to your advisor first before pumping the breaks.

Some of the things your advisor will consider with you is if the course is necessary to your program plan, how often it’s covered, and the reasons for dropping if it’s something personal.  In a recent post from Jorie Scholnik of USA Today College she covers a few things that you should consider before dropping a class. Again, it rehashes the need to pay special consideration to your graduation plan within your school. If the class is only offered once a year then consider holding onto it and getting a tutor if the work is too strenuous. There may also be financial aid requirements for holding onto a certain course load.

The key thing to remember at the start of your first couple of weeks of classes is to give your schedule some considerable thought. You’re not shopping for a new outfit, you’re looking out for your educational future at your school. Sometimes a course can even influence what you do outside of school and in the workplace. If you are considered about the professor then consult with them before you drop. Sometimes all it takes is one well worded email to get things back on track. Also consider your peers. Having an online pacing buddy, or classmates you can talk to through social media helps you get through those difficult hurdles as well.

Just remember to think before you drop!

By J. Mason
Online Learning Tips Editor