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Cut the Fluff in Your Essay Exams

Cut the Fluff in Your Essay Exams


essay-exam-cut-fluffTaking an essay exam can be nerve-racking. So much so, that you could psych yourself out and totally go blank with writer’s block. Keep these helpful tips in mind to avoid crashing during the test.

Don’t waste time composing a long introduction. Clearly state your main points in the first sentence. Use the rest of the essay to support and illustrate these points with specific details. As you’re writing, now and then reread the question to make sure that you haven’t wandered off course. Don’t pad your essay with information unrelated to the topic. And don’t try to bluff your instructor by repeating information using different words. Take our word, they’ve been there done that. If you’ve ever had a test where you reiterated the teacher’s essay question just to fill out space then this applies to you. It’s called padding for a reason, and it’s fluffing the paper with hollow words. If  you start to feel like you’re waxing poetically about how a battle started, or the difference between supply and demand then just stop. You don’t want your professor to tune out before getting to the meet of your argument.

If you find yourself running short on time, don’t worry about crafting a lengthy conclusion. Instead, consider listing the key points you still want to make. Such a list will let your instructor know that lack of time, not lack of knowledge, was your problem.

By Online Learning Tips Staff