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Top 7 Resources for the English Major

Top 7 Resources for the English Major


resources-english-majorsAs a liberal arts major it may sometimes feel like the job market is forgetting about you. In school you’re buffered by challenging courses and reading assignments. Outside of class what are you studying? If you’re an English major there may be more options than you think. For myself, I chose English because I knew I wanted to write and would find a career where I incorporated that in some fashion. To me I knew there would always be a need for us “interpreters” and that’s the goal I kept in mind throughout my search.

In school though you should have some resources in your back pocket as you move throughout your courses. This way when you’re closing in on your last couple of classes you’re prepared for the next step; whether that’s graduate school or higher, or a career. Below is a list of great resources for the English major that I pulled from our blogs at American Public University. Bookmark a few of these for your reference.

By J. Mason
Online Learning Tips Editor