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Reading Procrastination: Tips for Getting Past the Title

Reading Procrastination: Tips for Getting Past the Title


woman-reading-procrastinationThere are numerous tools available through an app, web tools, and plugins that allow us to “pin now and read later.” Question is, do we really read the articles we’ve been hoarding online? The answer is probably not. If it’s not in front of us there is no immediacy to get through the content. What takes place of some of the more scholarly reading topics, that you’re required to read, is the alluring pop culture quizzes and bizarre news events that add zero value to your education. Don’t validate these substitutions as being more valuable just because they seem more interesting.

Procrastination can typically start with the mentality that an activity isn’t worth your time in pursuing. Not all tasks for school are created equal! For some all it takes is a glimpse at the title and page count to get turned off. Perhaps macroeconomics isn’t your area of interest, but you still need to get through it. The best advice I can give is to not take the shortcuts (Cliffs Notes) to work your way through the material. It’s a dilution of information and sometimes you’ll never truly understand the meaning of the assignment. This is one of the main downsides of procrastinating with your reading assignments. If you hate reading then it becomes a chore, but there are ways to work around that sentiment and be more productive with your time.

Instead of relying on technology to remind you to read something try these tips instead.

  • Take the reading material on a walk with you.
  • On your lunch break at work read from your tablet, or the book for class.
  • Jump to the subheads to get an idea for the content.
  • Read before your favorite show, or on commercial breaks. Take copious notes if you go with this approach!
  • Chat with other students about the material after you’re halfway through. Varying points of view can address topics you didn’t consider before, and it can make the chapters more interesting.
  • Do a news search on the topic after you’ve read through the first few pages. Sometimes applying the material to a current event helps you absorb it more readily.

The procrastination reading apps are a great tool, but only if you’re using them the right way. It may sound boring to set up a scheduled time to read, but sometimes it’s necessary in order to get the work done. Give yourself a fair chance to take in the information and to appreciate it.

By J. Mason
Online Learning Tips Editor