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Doctoral Admissions: What You Need to Know About Applying

Doctoral Admissions: What You Need to Know About Applying


Podcast with Heather Bloszinsky, Doctoral Admissions Coach, and Jessica Stasiw, Senior Content Marketing Manager, APUS


Earlier this spring, American Public University System (APUS) announced the launch of its first-ever doctoral degree programs: Doctor of Global Security and Doctor of Strategic Intelligence. Demand for intelligence and security leaders is high and these degrees are designed to help students develop senior-level leadership skills, advanced knowledge of their fields and research-based acumen. Classes are taught in a cohort format, giving students the opportunity to develop professional networks.

In this podcast, APUS Senior Content Marketing Manager Jessica Stasiw discusses the admissions process for new doctoral degree students with Doctoral Admissions Coach Heather Bloszinsky. Topics covered in this podcast include:

  • The admissions process for the doctoral programs
  • Application deadline information
  • Benefits of the doctoral programs
  • Assistance provided by the Doctoral Studies team and mentors

About the Speakers

Heather Bloszinsky is the Doctoral Admissions Coach and a Senior Admissions Representative at American Public University System. Previously, Heather was a teacher for Jefferson County Public Schools. She holds a B.Ed. in Secondary Education and Teaching from Shepherd University and a M.A. in Human Resources Manager and Personnel Administration from American Public University.

Jessica Stasiw is the Senior Content Marketing Manager at American Public University System. Her day-to-day activities revolve around the written word. She’s been a wordsmith and content guru for more than nine years, seven of them spent in higher education. She gets to use her B.A. in English from Florida State University every day, and relishes the opportunities she has in working with subject matter experts from different types of industries.