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Celebrating the 2017 Academic Accomplishments of APUS Students

Celebrating the 2017 Academic Accomplishments of APUS Students

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By Megan Hines
Social Media Coordinator, APUS

As we welcome in 2018, it is customary to reflect on the previous year. Whether you experienced success, happiness, or trials and tribulations, you can look back on the past 365 days to help you get ready to tackle all that will come in the New Year.

For many of our university students, 2017 was filled with achieving milestones in their academic journeys – milestones that we as a university are eager to celebrate. With that in mind, we recently asked members of our social media communities to share their biggest academic accomplishments from 2017.

Of the more than 600 responses we received from AMU and APU students, we found that their accomplishments focused on three themes:

Balancing Responsibilities

“I think my biggest accomplishment this year was being a full-time mom, army spouse, and still maintaining good grades. Sometimes I was alone and taking care of my boys, but I still managed to keep up with my schoolwork. I also have a son on the autism spectrum, so he has two therapy appointments a week, and my other son has two speech therapy appointments a week as well. Overall, I think I am just proud of my ability to keep good grades and be accountable in my classes, no matter how busy my life is.” – Skye Fathbruckner, AMU

“This year began with some major challenges. My youngest was diagnosed as bipolar, and my husband was diagnosed with lymphoma all in the first three months of the year. I had to drop the Master of Public Administration courses I had signed up for. That made it difficult to re-enroll, but I did not give up. I switched to a master’s in Humanities and went back in September. I had an A in my first course and am carrying an A in this one. Thank you, APU, for taking me back!” – Tracie Vincent, APU

“I am an older student and have been trying to get my degree in management for a long time. However, between the heart issues of my wife and then my emergency back surgery, I never thought I would make it this far. I was so thankful for these classes being online, because it allowed me to work away from the classroom with just a laptop. The classes kept me centered and allowed me to concentrate on something other than our health issues.” – Andre Duclos, AMU

“I work a full-time job in the IT field, while also working as a full-time youth pastor, reserve police officer, husband and father. I want to set an example for my children and the kids I teach: that time is not a barrier if we truly value something. That is how I feel about my education. Time may not always be on my side, but I persevere, get good grades, move forward and work hard. I am only 30 credit hours away from my second degree here at APU!” – Josh Blevins, APU

Earning a Strong Grade or GPA

“My two biggest accomplishments of 2017 were maintaining my high GPA score of 3.8350 and receiving a Gold Standard certificate of recognition for leadership and member engagement as the APU’s READ Club’s Service Project Director.” – Nia Kearney, APU

“My biggest academic accomplishment is maintaining a 4.0 GPA while taking a very challenging course. Although there were only a few enrolled in this course, the professor challenged me through rigorous discussions that helped me understand how to better my craft as an educator. We tackled difficult topics and strategized plans for improvement. I am applying what I learned by spreading awareness and implementing the necessary changes that support educational growth.” – Kara Eddy, AMU

“My biggest academic accomplishment from 2017 is consistently maintaining a cumulative GPA of 3.9 and above. Working full time plus having monthly drill for the Army Reserves while studying online is really a challenge. Therefore, I’m grateful for my academic achievements regardless of the many obstacles. I made the Dean’s List and became a member of the Golden Key International Honour Society, which was truly an honor. I look forward to continuously excelling, both professionally and academically.” – Delmar McDonald, APU

“My biggest accomplishment from 2017 while being a student at AMU is keeping my GPA above 3.0. It has been almost 15 years since I have taken any classes and when I signed up for math, English and some of the harder courses, I was quite nervous. What made it even harder was when I had my first child back in September, because of the time it took to go to school full time, work, and take care of a newborn. But I have to say AMU is amazing and has helped me every step along the way.” – Kenny Stonge, AMU

Finishing a Degree

“The BIGGEST academic accomplishment from 2017 – I finished school with my master’s in public administration. I’m the first to graduate college in my family!” – Andrea Hogan, AMU

“My biggest academic accomplishment from 2017 has been completing my degree program. It has been a long road to get to completion, but I did and will graduate at the age of 57!” – Debra Elliott, APU

“As a single mom of three (15, 13 and 5), a full-time employee and student, I was able to accomplish my goal of completing my management degree. Even when it got tough, I didn’t give up, and with hard work and perseverance, I was able to complete my degree with a 3.9 GPA. With my children as my motivation and the support of my professors and classmates, I achieved a major milestone and I look forward to completing a graduate degree with AMU!” – Yashauna Young, AMU

“My biggest accomplishment from 2017 was completing my curriculum and achieving my bachelor’s degree in business management. The struggle between a full-time job, maintaining a household and school became overwhelming at times. By the grace of God, I made it. I have accomplished a goal I set for myself 30 years ago. Now, I am looking toward graduate school.” – Mavis Law, APU

We are so proud of what our students accomplished in 2017 and we look forward to many more student accomplishments in 2018.

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