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A Basic Primer on University Admissions Requirements and Financial Aid

A Basic Primer on University Admissions Requirements and Financial Aid

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By Ryan Laspina
Senior Specialist, Red Flags and External Reviews at APUS

To be accepted into any university, you have to satisfy some basic admissions requirements. These requirements are designed to make sure you meet the academic standards set by the university.

It takes some effort to get accepted to college. However, certain universities have much more stringent admissions requirements than others. Here at APUS, we have a streamlined process in place that offers flexibility while still ensuring the integrity of our academic programs.

Seven Tips on How to Handle Our Admissions Requirements

1. Take solace in the fact that APUS does not require you to take standardized tests such as the ACT or SAT. APUS uses other criteria to determine college readiness, such as proof of high school completion and our admissions essay.

2. In addition, APUS does not charge an admission fee. You can apply today at no upfront cost to you.

3. Unless you are active-duty military or fall into another exempt category (such as TSA employees, enrollment in a learning track program, or nine or more credit hours of completed college coursework), you will most likely be required to write an admissions essay. This requirement is designed to assess your ability to produce a coherent, college-level response to an essay question. Be honest and have fun with it. The university will not accept plagiarism of any kind, which could result in a rejection.

4. As part of our effort to verify and protect our students’ identities, you may also be required to produce a copy of your ID and proof of high school completion (or high school equivalency) unless you are in an exempt category. Make sure you follow your admissions representative’s directions on how to submit acceptable documents. They must be legible.

5. If you have special circumstances (for example, non-U.S. citizenship or current deployment orders), please contact your admission representative to see what your next steps are.

6. If you are planning to use Federal Student Aid (FSA), Tuition Assistance (TA), Veterans’ Assistance (VA) or any other form of financial aid to pay your college expenses, please contact the appropriate department as soon as possible to learn about APUS’s policies and procedures regarding financial aid.

7. If you have credits from another college or university, contact the Transfer Credit Evaluation (TCE) department to learn APUS’s policies and procedures regarding TCE. Your TCE can be completed at no cost to you.

Gaining admission to a university can be a time-consuming process. Luckily, APUS has taken steps to streamline this process while also protecting the integrity of its programs.

Sure, you usually have to submit some documentation and write an admissions essay, which can take some time. However, the absence of mandatory standardized test scores and an admissions fee will save you time and, more importantly, money.