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Membership Drives Encourage APUS Students to Stay Engaged

Membership Drives Encourage APUS Students to Stay Engaged


By Janet Athanasiou
Student and Alumni Affairs Liaison, APUS

Learn more about our student organizations!

There are over 60 student-led organizations at APUS, ranging from academic honor societies for students in specific academic programs to general interest clubs for students who want to get together with others who have a shared interest.

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To promote membership in a student organization, the Office of Student and Alumni Affairs has created a recruitment schedule to send emails to eligible students and alumni urging them to join our student organizations.

In January, we reach out to honor societies in a few disciplines including Epsilon Pi Phi, Epsilon Pi Tau, Sigma Tau Delta, Historical Studies Honor Society, and clubs focused on business, such as the Conscious Capitalism Club and the Entrepreneurship Club.

In February, we will be sending invitations to students eligible for the following organizations: Alpha Phi Sigma Criminal Justice Honor Society, Golden Key International Honour Society, National Society of Collegiate Scholars, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, West Virginia Students’ Association, Broken Shield Wounded Veteran Society and Student Veterans of America.

If You Receive an Invitation to Join a Student Organization, Pay Attention to the Enrollment Dates

If you receive an invitation to join a student organization, especially from academic honor societies and Greek organizations, be sure to pay attention to the enrollment dates. Many enrollment periods are connected to specific months and will not be open once the enrollment period is over.

Other organizations have open enrollment so you can join at any time.

Being a member of a student organization is an opportunity to interact with other students and faculty outside the classroom and practice skills like public speaking and leadership. Students and alumni members can develop skills that will help them in their professional careers as well as with their academics.

APUS organizations host guest speakers, engage in service opportunities in area communities, publish journals and promote ties with other like-minded organizations.

The Office of Student and Alumni Affairs encourages you to get involved with a student organization to round out your academic experience. If you have questions about when an organization is recruiting members, contact us at studentaffairs@apus.edu.