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Students in Public Service: Inspiring Leadership and Encouraging Compliance

An outstanding leader is someone who inspires others to strive and become better, and who rejoices in the achievement and progress of others.

Students in Public Service: Helping the Veteran Community

Interview with Kristine Clark

In some of my previous positions, I interacted with veterans on a daily basis. These interactions would remind me of why I have remained in civil service for 15 years. Now I find the need to find alternative activities that allow me the opportunity to interact with veterans and maintain my commitment to the VA’s mission.

Students in Public Service: Supporting The Needs of a Community

Interview with Michael Ort

I wouldn’t be less busy in a larger municipality, but I wouldn’t have as much to do with every facet of our municipal government. By working in a small community, I have more opportunities to personally impact the safety, comfort, transportation and recreational needs of my community.

Students in Public Service: Rebuilding Communities and Putting Out Fires

Interview with Rick Potter

Public service is all about helping people that are at a disadvantage. The Love in Action International Ministries (LIAIM) is a nonprofit that helps people in Latin America. LIAIM educates them and teaches them career skills. We make a difference, rather than just providing a handout.

Students in Public Service: BMXlife – A Hub for Youth Development

Interview with George Maroukis

Growing up in a largely neglected area of Pennsylvania, bonding with riders from around the world through this shared passion of BMX riding would forever shape my life. BMX was the glue which would bind us together and also open the discussion to understanding cultural differences.

The Rise of Nontraditional Students in College Education

There has been a change in who attends college; nontraditional students have become the new traditional students. This change has important implications.

APUS Participates in National Day of Service and Remembrance

On Friday, September 6, WVSA and Golden Key International Honour Society will sponsor and participate in the National Day of Service and Remembrance.

APUS Alumni Stories: Educating Native American Students

APU graduate Kathy Dorner is an elementary school counselor at McLaughlin School in South Dakota, educating and counseling mostly Native American students.