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Stay Aware of Financial Aid Scams So You're Not a Victim

Take the time to boost your financial literacy; it will then be easier to steer clear of financial aid scams and frauds in the future.

Grow Your Financial Literacy during Financial Aid Awareness Month

February is Financial Aid Awareness Month, so it is a perfect time to learn more about paying for school and the resources available to you.

Know Your FSA and Other Types of Financial Aid Limits

The best way to ensure that you do not reach your financial aid limits is to borrow only the amount of loan funding you truly need for your education.

False Documents Can Result in a Loss of Financial Aid

If you are ever caught with false documents, expect swift legal action, such as the loss of federal grant money or expulsion from school.

Financial Aid Fraud and Its Legal Consequences

The easiest way to avoid committing financial aid fraud is to have good intentions and be honest and accurate in your FSA application(s).

A Basic Primer on University Admissions Requirements and Financial Aid

To be accepted, you have to satisfy basic admissions requirements. APUS has a streamlined process that offers flexibility and academic program integrity.

Scholarships: Doing the Research for Financial Aid Is Worth the Effort

There are many websites that can assist you in finding scholarships and grants. If you qualify, they can help you pay for college and graduate debt-free.

Financial Aid Basics: What All Students Need to Know

Once you gain some literacy in financial aid basics, you can start to look at more in-depth details and your individual eligibility.