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Student Profile: Maintaining Computer Security and Blocking Evolving Cybersecurity Threats

The threats we see today will evolve. As they change, cybersecurity specialists will have to develop their skillset to keep up with the changing cybersecurity landscape.

Student Profile: Educating New Generations and Training Teachers

Students deserve to have every opportunity to learn; it is up to teachers and leaders to find the best ways to support and assist them in doing that.

Student Profile: Protecting Organizations from Cyberattacks

Cybersecurity is a field that explores the thinking of cyber criminals and explains the different techniques utilized in committing cybercrimes.

Student Profile: Transforming Business and Future Leaders

Interview with Derrick Horsley

For me, online courses were vital to me obtaining my degrees. By being in the military, going on temporary duty, working late hours and being deployed, going to school online was the key to me successfully obtaining both my B.A. and M.A. degrees from AMU.

Student Profile: Ensuring That Businesses and Employees Work Smoothly

Interview with Shareema Granville

The positions in HR that I held before my degree, although they were hands-on positions, never helped me with understanding core HR functions. My professors broke down every function, even on an international scale, which helped me with my role today at ADP.

Student Profile: A Journey to Career Success

Interview with APU Alumnus, Jalal Almomar

I decided to pursue my studies and get a higher academic degree. Academic credentials are highly in demand in today’s job market. I did research on what would be the best degree for me and not only from the job market’s perspective. The degree needed to be done while I worked. After all my research, I figured out that studying at APU for an MBA degree in global business management was a good choice.

Student Profile: Keeping Exchanges Clear in a Crisis

Interview with AMU Alumnus, R. Carter Langston

My degree in emergency and disaster management, combined with my experience in strategic communication planning, issue management and crisis communication, prepared me to lead strategic operational communication and crisis action planning. In crisis management, I lead by developing a strategic operational framework, coordinating with multiple stakeholders and synchronizing those stakeholders’ actions.

Student Profile: How One Graduate Puts His Security Education to Work

Interview with AMU Alumnus, Joseph W. Kripp

Each class in the Security Management graduate program brought different, positive perspectives to me. The classes involving the different types of physical security systems and how they would be integrated in today’s ever-changing threat environment were the most intriguing to me.