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Apple iOS 7: Should you Upgrade?

Generally speaking, operating system upgrades, like iOS 7 contain a host of enhancements, beyond the shiny veneer of new icons, graphics and animations.

When to Sunset Your Blog

In reality, what really happens is you write a few posts for the first month or two, maybe add in a couple shares, that dwindles to a post a month, and then after a year blogging seems like just another item on your ever-growing to-do list that is put off indefinitely. Months go by and the best you can wrangle up is a retweet of an interesting news story you saw on Yahoo.com.

Nine Steps To Landing the Internship You Want

If you’re vying for one of those coveted positions, the competition may be fierce—but there are ways to get ahead of the pack.

The Dangers of a “Like” on Facebook

Social engineering is a shady marketing technique with potential consequences for the consumer. Do you know what the dangers are of a "like" when you don't know about the source of the post?

How Good Is Your Intel?

Last week provided a textbook example of speaking without reliable research backing you up. When gathering intelligence and investigating issues, it is good to have facts corroborated and counter-arguments at the ready.

The iPhone and the Classroom

Even with the learning curve of technology and the learning process there are a lot of prospective advantages to these tech tools.

Yes, Apple WILL Revolutionize the Textbook Industry

Some major textbook publishers have already started making content available as an example, with many more texts planned - especially high volume texts that are used by millions of K-12 students around the country.

Online Classroom Etiquette 101: Top 10 Online Classroom Fails

Here's my top 10 list of online classroom fails (as shared with me by real, live online students!).