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Podcast: Google+ in the Classroom

How do you think Google+ can be used in the classroom? Here's my latest podcast that shares some insight on blending the new social tool with education.

Quick Tip: Don’t Bite The Hand That Feeds You

Just like anything that means a lot to you, the pursuit of education can lead to a lot of heated (and dare I even say "emotional?") situations. Here's why you should keep your cool.

Will Apple Revolutionize the Textbook Industry?

There is a rumor that Apple will be hosting an event related to the publishing industry (possible textbooks) in New York in January 2012. Could it center around electronic editions of textbooks?

Like Music While You Study?

If you're a fan of listening to a few tunes while you study, check out these free, online music players!

Flash Forward

In early August, one of my colleagues forwarded me an article on Read Write Web heralding Adobe's open beta of Edge: a tool for creating animated web content in HTML, CSS and javascript.

A Guide to Online Group Work

You can take the headache out of group work. Here are some great tips to help in coordinating.

Facebook Use and Your Grades

It can be more useful than you think!

What Do You Think of Social Media Fasts?

Do you think you could tear yourself away from social media without losing it? Taking a break could be a good thing, but could YOU do it?